Food Waste

John Oliver’s program on food waste gave me a better insight to the unethical habits of American citizens. Although he can be a tad over the top when addressing issues his information and overall message is important. Oliver focused a lot of attention on the habits of consumers at grocery stores. He uses an analogy that makes it clear that we are wasting an excessive … Continue reading Food Waste

Chopped Challenge

The three ingredients I randomly selected were chicken, beets, and spiralized zucchini. When it comes to creating appetizing dishes, I’m nothing more than a amateur. This chopped challenge really forced me to explore my culinary creativity. For my first ingredient, spiralized zucchini, I decided to make spiralized zucchini noodles. I added olive oil to the sizzling skillet, and tossed my zucchini for about five minutes. … Continue reading Chopped Challenge

24 and Mission Field Trip

Eat Your Words first field trip was a major success. Our tour guide was a young lady who was knowledgable about all the restaurants and foods we consumed. We started out sampling a dessert from a cupcake business. These cupcakes were carefully hand crafted, with frosting that sat gently on top. They were small cupcakes that offered a delicious taste without overwhelming the indulger. I … Continue reading 24 and Mission Field Trip